skai® techprofil window laminates

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    Windows & Doors System

Continental's skai® window profile laminates provides color for the plastic window, and also fulfils the current standards and is convincing in every respect in terms of quality. It is among the premium coating products on the market. After all, it must withstand wind and weather for years to come. skai® window profile laminates also proves itself in challenging climates, for example in heat or large temperature fluctuations. Their undisputed advantages are easy care, high durability despite wind and weather and guaranteed quality. Last year Continental extended the warranty period to up to 10 years worldwide. With innovations such as cool colors and skai® Alux, skai® techprofil window laminates set new standards both aesthetically and technically. The high-quality designs of the skai® external surfaces set design accents on the building shell when laminating window profiles, doors, garage doors and facades.