Wood raw materials: a variety of tree species to choose from, high-quality solid wood aggregate, the overall thickness of 92mm, increase the strength of the main body to ensure the stability of doors and windows.
Design: outdoor side for the martial arts surface modeling, indoor side for the sub-surface, surrounded by clouds with decorative shapes, both inside and outside with, elegant and smooth, complement each other.
Pane features: a variety of decorative flower grid matching selection, removable easy to clean, bring a convenient life experience at the same time showing the deep heritage of traditional architecture.
Hardware selection: hidden hardware, imported from Europe, open and close does not affect the appearance of the effect; to have a flexible and convenient three-dimensional adjustable and excellent
          The more load-bearing; two sets of locking system, double security.
Process features: the staves at the use of half-tenon V port connection process, structural strength increases, the appearance of seamless shape.
The latest Chinese wind series doors and windows are divided into aluminum alloy, wood-aluminum composite, aluminum alloy series.